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Kritzberg Consulting provides Salt Lake City non-profits with executive level accounting and finance services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller.  Tricia Kritzberg, CPA, founded Kritzberg Consulting to assist you with the unique needs of your non-profit organization.  We serve non-profits exclusively, which helps us keep our focus on the challenges facing this unique industry.

Non-profits have unique needs that most accountants/CPAs who work primarily with for-profit companies do not understand fully.  These include fund accounting needs, compliance to maintain tax-exempt status, permits to solicit donations in Utah and other states, and unique reporting requirements for donors, grantors, regulators, board members and the public. 

Part time CFO/Controller Services

Growing a business takes financial planning and small business owners can benefit from having an experienced financial professional’s help. The cost of a full time Controller/CFO level professional can cost $60,000 - $200,000 per year. Kritzberg Consulting can provide you with over 20 years of finance and accounting experience for a fraction of the cost. We can serve as a sounding board and perform financial analysis to help you make the important decisions necessary to strategically grow your business without cash flow surprises. Furthermore, owners of rapidly growing business can lose track of maintaining internal controls necessary to safeguard the company’s assets and prevent costly errors in 

We can help you manage your finances proactively instead of reactively. Many small businesses struggle, and some fail, because they don’t see stumbling blocks down the road that can leave them with obsolete equipment, no cash, thinly stretched employees, compliance mishaps and out of control spending. Strategic planning and financial forecasting are powerful tools that can keep you in control of your business’s direction, rather than the business controlling you. 

Other part-time CFO/Controller services we can offer include: 

  • Analyzing tax saving strategies
  • Trend analysis
  • Policy and Procedure manuals
  • Presentation of your financial results to Boards or company leadership
  • Training and managing your accounting staff
  • Liaison with auditors, bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc. 
  • Reviewing financial based contracts, negotiation strategies and fulfillment of terms 
  • Developing budgets and proposals for grants and contracts for governmental or private funding (including SBIR/STTR grants) 
  • Ensuring compliance with governmental or fund accounting requirements associated with grants and contracts. 
  • Setting up payroll processes and ensuring compliance with employment laws 
  • Review financial statements to identify anomalies or areas of improvement. 
  • Budget preparation and monitoring (budget to actual comparisons; variance reports) 
  • Key metric analysis/reporting; industry standard comparisons 
  • Review/negotiating insurance policies 
  • Preparing presentations and pro formas for equity financing, including proposed cap tables 
  • Merger and acquisition assistance 
  • Preparing business plans